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Remembering To Be Thankful

I’ll admit it, I’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole of post-election commentary that I think I have been reading the same Facebook post’s comment thread for six days.

If I’m being honest, I’m still angry, worried, disappointed, fearful and sad. And I’m still trying to figure out what I can DO with all of these feelings instead of just feel them.

But alas, my foray into political activism will have to wait because, thankfully, the world keeps turning and that means my favorite holiday of Thanksgiving is upon us!

Thanks to my blogger friend Leah over at Leah’s Thoughts for posting this fun Thanksgiving tag, originally  a video from Megan and Wendy. It gave me a reason to shift my focus away from online commentary and onto the good. And there is so much good. So below are my answers and just a few things I am thankful for this holiday season!

What color are you thankful for? I’ve been into blue lately. But ask me again in three weeks and I might have a different answer. For my birthday last month, I treated myself to a “color analysis” to determine my WOW colors. My appointment is next month and I have put off buying anything until I have this vital information. Yes, I know this is an indulgence and probably so “liberal coastal elite” of me, but I’m excited to report back about the experience!

What does your spouse do that you’re thankful for? Cooking. He cooks all of the things. My children eat something other than hard-boiled eggs and PB&J because of him, so thank you JB!

What do your kids do that you’re thankful for? The morning after the election, on our way to daycare and work, the boys immediately asked for the “Hillary song.” We had been listening to “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, Hillary Clinton’s unofficial campaign anthem, for the last week on the way to school. I did not want to listen to it that morning. I was praying they wouldn’t ask for it. I know it’s just a song, but it was painful to hear. But the boys insisted because they are 2.5-years-old and have no idea what they are asking for when they say “Hillary song” (and they certainly hadn’t been up until 3 a.m. watching Anderson Cooper the night before). So I listened through tears. And it energized me and reminded me that the fight is not over. I am thankful for my children for never allowing me to wallow or to think only of myself. They remind me of the most important things in life — which includes making this world a safe place for them to grow up in — and I am so thankful I am their mom.

What recent good news are you thankful for?  We were just informed at work that we are getting an extra day off for our already generous winter break. I’m thankful to work at an institution that values its employees, and I’m looking forward to the couple of days I will be off but the boys are in school so I can clean out their closet for the first time in about 18 months. Anyone need some newborn clothes?

What beauty product are you thankful for? I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but the one thing I do put on every day is this bronzer/blush from Too Faced.

What social media platform are you thankful for? The only one I check regularly (“regularly” being a bit of an understatement) is Facebook. So even though it’s probably ruining my life and killing all of my creative juices recently, I’m still thankful for the forum it provides and the fact that I get to read posts like this from Dan Rather.

What cleaning product are you thankful for? I love my Seventh Generation Cleaning Wipes. I pretty much support any cleaning product that requires very little effort yet still makes me feel domestic.

What are you thankful for from the last person who texted you? I’m thankful to have friends whom I have known since kindergarten.

What candy are you thankful for? Starburst. At some point in my life I convinced myself they weren’t as unhealthy as all the other candies. Don’t ever tell me the truth.

What app are you thankful for? Cookie Doodle. You (and by “you,” I mean your young children and occasionally maybe you when no one is looking) can stir the ingredients, roll out the dough, choose from a variety of cookie cutters, bake your cookie and then decorate it. We bake and decorate the monster truck, dump trunk and whale almost every evening.

What are you looking forward to that you are thankful for? It would seem shallow to bring up the color consultation thing again wouldn’t it? Okay, as I mentioned, I love Thanksgiving. The entire mom’s side of my family gets together at my sister’s (about 50-60 people) and this is the only time I will see many of these relatives during the year. It’s a great evening of catching up, eating and of course, the Cowboys!

But mostly I am just thankful for this:

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you so much for reading and for your support!


4 thoughts on “Remembering To Be Thankful

  1. First off, I love Starburst too. They are a “go to” candy for me. And you must report back on your color analysis! Can’t wait to hear what they say!


    1. Ha, I will definitely write up a post about it. It’s probably the most vain thing I’ve ever done (or at least paid to have done), but I am soooo excited about it 🙂 And thanks for the list that inspired the post.


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