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Welcome to Journey to Napa! I hope you weren’t searching for a Northern California travel blog. If so, please return to your Google results.

Or better yet, maybe you could stay. While this blog isn’t that (except here), I do love the Wine Country, so we have that in common! #besties

In fact, I love it so much, I plan on retiring there one day with my hubby, JB. I picture our twin boys — now tiny, adorable, dictatorial toddlers — coming to visit us with their spouses and a grandchild or five. One will drink red like his dad, the other white (or maybe even sparkling!) in honor of the mother who once sipped on a glass late at night as she eked out a blog post to not only capture this time in their lives, but feed her creative soul, and, on a good day, share something of value with the world. Or at least a few readers.

This isn’t a mom blog, but a “me” blog and that definitely includes being a parent, as well as a wife, a friend, a higher education professional, and a girl who once never left the house without a notebook looking to reconnect with her love of writing. Journey to Napa is a place to share thoughts related to these areas and other topics where I feel I have something worth taking up megabytes to say.

I also love the opportunity to share my writing on sites I enjoy reading. Here are a few other places where my writing can be found:

Please don’t misunderstand the blog title, I don’t want to rush the road to retirement. And I intend for a new journey to begin once we reach that time with hopefully enough healthy years left to enjoy it (Napping in Napa?). Journey to Napa is about the here and now — just with visions of a place that will ultimately have no humidity.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to contact me at journeytonapa (at) gmail (dot) com.



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