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Dear NKOTB: Thanks for Last Night

Update: Joey McIntyre tweeted my HuffPost version of this post and he is now my favorite forever. Dear Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jonathan and Jordan (written in alphabetical order to emphasize I am a happily married woman past the age of having a “favorite”) (unless I HAD to choose in some inexplicable “your life depends on… Continue reading Dear NKOTB: Thanks for Last Night


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Why I’m Looking Forward to My 20th Reunion More Than My 10th

I recently sat on a conference call for the planning of my 20th high school year reunion. When you are pushing 40, it appears someone inevitably has a conference line and access code handy so this is how you do things. (I was kind of hoping we could all connect through three-way calling, but oh… Continue reading Why I’m Looking Forward to My 20th Reunion More Than My 10th

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Thoughts On 38 (Or Lack Thereof)

Birthdays, especially ones that get you within arm’s length of a new decade, should provide obvious blog inspiration. When the decade knocking on your door is your 40’s, you seem poised for a humorous, reflective, thoughtful post about the passage of time, what you have learned, what you still don’t know and how this birthday… Continue reading Thoughts On 38 (Or Lack Thereof)