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As Luck Would Have It

While scrolling through my WordPress Reader a few weeks ago, most likely as some form of procrastination, I came across a post from The Seeds 4 Life. The site provides inspiration and motivation to its readers through regular posts of quotes with a brief explanation (no more than four paragraphs) about their meaning. These are referred to as “seeds” and are almost all written by guest contributors with various perspectives and experiences.

I liked The Seeds 4 Life not only for its positive content, but for the support and encouragement found in the comments section. As anyone who reads the Internet knows, that is an impressive feat. So I pulled up one of my favorite quotes and was honored to have my “seed” accepted!

Picture4This quote is most often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, though other variations exist. The message is simple: Luck is really just another name for effort, diligence and persistence. Giving away ownership of our fate to something like chance is actually a recipe for stagnation.

Working with college students, I often hear some iteration of the “I’m so unlucky” lament as it pertains to not getting a job or internship. Perhaps even in connection with a poor grade (because it must be bad luck, not bad studying). Even with age, we are quick to look externally before turning the focus inward.

I hope you will make the jump to my four paragraphs here and read some other inspiring words from writers while you are there.

Thanks for reading!


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