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Back to Napa + Guest Post

Not that I ever had any doubts, but for the record, you can never get too much of the California Wine Country.


My husband (who is much more an oenophile than I am) and I recently returned from our third visit to Napa/Sonoma in the last four years. Once again we tasted amazing wine. Once again we listened to the impassioned stories of wine makers and winery owners who were busy with harvest, but still took off their gloves to shake our hand and cheers our glass.

And once again, my dreams of Wine Country retirement took on renewed flight.


Last year I made recommendations on where to visit in Healdsburg, a smaller town in Sonoma County. This year we stayed mainly in the city of Sonoma, with a day trip to Napa. Below are the wineries, tasting rooms and restaurants we visited. All are highly recommended.



The California Wine Country is so much more than Napa and Sonoma, and I hope to explore it all. But if I had to recommend a destination, it would hands-down be Healdsburg. All the fine dining and wineries of the city of Sonoma, but on a smaller, cozier scale.

Never been? Well, BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!


When I’m not gallivanting through wineries, everyone likes to asks me, “So what’s it like to have twins?” And I respond in the only way possible, “It’s all I have ever known.”

Sure, I can make some assumptions about how it varies from singletons or siblings of different ages. I’m sure some of those assumptions are correct because there are obvious differences. But in terms of the experience — what it’s like to have twins — well, it’s like having two kids… who are the same age. (See? I really have no idea how to answer the question.)

And because my experience is, gratefully, defined as a multiples experience, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we tried for another child. And we got pregnant. And one baby came out. Just one.

Would it feel like a breeze or would I be just as overwhelmed as the first time around? Could I do this parenting thing better now that I have some experience under my belt?

I was so honored to explore this question for a guest post at a new parenting site, Tribe Magazine.


This site offers personal essays on an array of parenting topics, and I hope you will make the jump to read my guest post and explore the site.


8 thoughts on “Back to Napa + Guest Post

  1. My wife and I moved to Napa 3 years ago. Not quite retired, but soon. You see, I have twins that are sophomores in college. So – 2019 please come soon! Then I’ll be ready. Great post, you have some great winery and food recommendations. Check out our blog at The last half dozen are about our trip to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Bosnia, but if you scroll back you’ll see our Napa & Sonoma stuff (including Fremont Diner, the absolute bomb).


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Great blog! It sounds like you have some incredible wine adventures. And I look forward to reading back on your Napa and Sonoma posts. It’s also great to hear from another twins parents — hopefully we can follow in your footsteps to get both our kids into college and then get to Napa 🙂 Thanks again.

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  2. You know I LOVE Sonoma, and I wish so badly that we too could retire there. Like right now. I love the Domaine Canneros winery. El Dorado Kitchen is one of my faves – I always ask the chef to make me a vegetable plate an it’s usually the best meal of my trip. We had reservations at Cafe La Haye this last trip, but Rich didn’t like the ambiance (small venue, super crowded, so we left. I was bummed – Trip Advisor says it’s the BEST restaurant in Sonoma!


    1. Yes, rightthisverysecond would be a perfect time to retire there! Great tip about El Dorado Kitchen, that sounds delicious. I had their vegetable risotto which was also divine. I can understand that about Cafe La Haye, it’s definitely a tight squeeze. But if you ever have the chance to dine there, it was awesome! Thanks for reading!


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