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Weekend Reads and Listens: Podcast Love

Earlier this week, my twins went to their two-year doctor appointment on the same day we had our monthly splurge — a deep cleaning of the house from a professional. Everyone and everything was healthy and clean. It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

The next day, my husband and one of the boys woke up vomiting. Only half of us were now healthy and I was pretty much ready to burn down the house. A stuffed giraffe is still exiled in the laundry room because nothing beats the power of plush to hold in a stench. Lovely, I know.

All that to say, I am ready for the weekend so let’s get to it!



I’m more excited about some new podcasts in this edition, but there are a few articles I have bookmarked the last couple of weeks.

Well, it happened. The Real Housewives series made it to Dallas. I didn’t watch the premiere, but I tuned in for the second episode last week. It’s just so bad. I am no TV snob, I will watch a lot of reality television crap. But when it’s representing your own city, it’s hard to stomach. I at least hoped to see where the women were eating and shopping, but they are always at each others houses! Was Bravo too lazy to secure permission from local establishments for them to film? Regardless, this column pretty much sums up how I feel about it.

Do you Periscope (honestly, I’m not even sure if that’s a verb yet)? Or use Facebook Live? I wasn’t clear what these were and how they differed from just posting a video, but I know a lot of bloggers, as well as brands, are jumping on the trend. This Wall Street Journal article by Joanna Stern (I lover her columns) was really helpful. Now at least I have made an informed decision to never use it.

Prince died. And suddenly all I wanted was to be transported back to the 1980s for a little while. And like kismet, I stumbled upon this photo gallery of malls in 1989. I’m fairly certain that is me in half of those pictures.

Finally, a couple of places where I’ve been published recently. I was honored to have a guest post about managing information overload up at one of my favorite blogs, Beyond Your Blog. BYB has been a tremendous resource in helping me submit my writing to other sites. I hope you will pop over and check out the post and all of the amazing tips and features on the site.

I was also featured for the first time on Scary Mommy, a site I usually click on at least once a day. It was a re-print of a post that originally ran right here on my little blog and that I also posted on BlogHer, which was then selected as an editor’s pick. The post didn’t get any traction, but a couple of weeks later, an editor from Scary Mommy saw it there and contacted me about running it. My point in sharing all of this is that you never know who might see your work, so if you are a blogger, look for sites where you can re-publish your work.


Like I mentioned, I added to my podcast menu and I am giddy about sharing them!

My favorite is the #AmWriting podcast, hosted by KJ Dell’Antonia, an editor at The New York Times, and author Jessica Lahey. I have tried to listen to writing podcasts in the past, but they never kept my attention. While this podcast is only three episodes in, it had me hooked from the outset.

The hosts discuss their writing projects, articles they wish they wrote and, my favorite, what they are doing when they procrastinate. There is actually a lot of talk about procrastination and I just find it fascinating that the writing process is really no different for these two established writers than it is for me (except they are procrastinating on book chapters and articles for The Atlantic, but whatever). If you are a writer, I think you will enjoy it too!

Per recommendation from the #AmWriting podcast, I have discovered Mystery Show. This podcast follows host Starlee Kine as she investigates mysteries that listeners submit (for the most part). It’s like a whole season of Serial in each episode, but with much less heavy mysteries at its core. Check out the one about Jake Gyllenhaal’s height. Will she or won’t she finally get to ask Jake himself? You will have to listen to find out.

Finally, the parenting blog Coffee and Crumbs has launched its own podcast. Coffee and Crumbs is home to beautiful essays on motherhood. In fact, it’s one of my target publication sites for 2016 to submit my writing, though I have yet to come up with a post I feel is worthy of submitting. The podcast includes its founder and some of the site’s regular contributors discussing a different parenting topic each episode. It’s still new and it might have some technical kinks to work out, but I have enjoyed putting a voice and personality to the writers whom I have only known through their written words. I especially liked the episode “Mommy Doesn’t Go To Work.”

These three recommended podcasts are all very different. If your podcast app is currently taking new clients, I hope you check out any of these that interest you. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend. Please share any of your own current reads and listens!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Reads and Listens: Podcast Love

  1. Congratulations on the publications. Yay! I want to get into Podcasts, but I don’t know how. I read Nina’s post about it – but I don’t have and iPhone, just a droid. And I can’t listen on my computer (at work) – and then at home I’m too fried. Suggestions? I was crashed about prince. Now off to see the mall pictures. My kids laugh at me when I tell them that’s where we hung out!


    1. You don’t have to have iTunes to listen. Just go to the podcast’s website and you can usually click on them right from there. So you could listen on your phone while you drive (without downloading it) or as you wash dishes or do other fun stuff like that at home 🙂 Those mall pictures really too me back. I was a total mall rat. Thanks for reading!


  2. BIG congratulations for getting your post on Scary Mommy! That’s so awesome. I love that post too. And thanks for the info about the #AmWriting podcast. Going to check it out now.


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